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About the monkeys: All are handmade by me from vintage (new old stock) USA-made red heel socks. Cotton rag stuffed for nice weight and a genuine old doll feeling. Limbs and tails are polyfil. Pom poms are a mix of yarns/ felted wool. Outfits are all custom made to measure without a pattern. All vintage trims/ buttons/ fabric and some repro cotton. Made with love head to tail! They don't come around often, so enjoy! ONE OF A KINDS

To order email:

Miss Cosmos - flop top gal.

approx 13 inches.

$225 SOLD




Miss Opal - flop top gal

approx 13 inches.

$225 SOLD



(L-R) Rinky and Dinky - wee mini sock monkeys!

cotton rag stuffed like the big monkeys, wired tails.

6 1/2 inches (not counting hat.)

Rinky SOLD. Dinky available $125 ORDER




Cupcake - flop top gal

polka dot pantaloons

approx 11 inches

$195 SOLD


Reeces Meeces - Halloween pinkeep mouse who snuck into the monkey update ;)

5.5", or 7.7" to tip of hat

hand dyed mohair, excelsior, chenille, beads, attached to wood bobbin pin keep.

$139 SOLD




Von Winkie

17.5 inches

merino wool felt vest, wide cotton pants

$229 SOLD


Have a blessed October!

See my archive of past bears and monkeys here: Peng Peng Bears

* please note: my creations contain small parts and are not child safe.

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